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About EMR Digital

EMR Digital is an international wholesaler and B2B, specialized in buying and selling new and used IT hardware such as servers, networking, storage and spare parts. In addition, by offering our customers IT Circular – Refurbished Hardware, we give companies an alternative to buying products in an environmentally friendly and cost-conscious way.

7+ years of experience in the B2B IT Hardware industry
High quality, refurbished and sustainable hardware for a fair price
Ability to trade internationally (fluent in English, Spanish, Dutch and German)
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Refurbished IT hardware

We deliver new, refurbished or IT Circular hardware to you. In addition, we offer advice to customers looking for specific goods. If the requested products are not in stock, we use trusted suppliers to deliver to you and with a standard 30-day warranty.

New IT hardware

We have an extensive portfolio of products and all major brands, and we deliver goods from our own in-house stock or trusted suppliers.

Buying your IT hardware

We buy your IT hardware. You can rest assured that your IT hardware is in good hands. We only work with ISO certified partners that we have known and trusted for years.

Some of the brands we offer

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Unable to reach us by phone? Please send us an email at info@emr-digital.com. Our response time goal is within 24 hours.